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  • Academic Assistant

Main Political Science Office

General Questions
Disabled Students Program Coordination
Textbook Ordering
Key Management
Room Reservations
Department Newsletter
Academic Advising for Undergraduates (Lead Staff Advisor)

  • 805-893-3432
  • Ellison 3833
  • Graduate Program Advisor

Graduate Program Advising

Graduate Student Recruitment and Admissions
Graduate Student Advising
TA Administration: payroll, fee remissions
Student Awards
Graduate Student Stipends, Grants & Other Funding

  • 805-893-3626
  • Ellison 3835
  • Undergraduate Program Coordinator
  • Lecturer

Undergraduate Program Coordination

Supervisor, Academic Advising
Adjunct Mentoring Program
TA Training
Internship Program Coordination
Dispute Resolution

Adjunct Faculty - American Politics
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, 2005

  • 805-893-3433
  • Ellison 3837
  • Financial Assistant

Financial Assistant

Processes and advises faculty on University policies and procedures including travel, per diem, entertainment, payroll and Honoria.

Trains students on the use of Kronos and timecard management.


  • Ellison 3831
  • Business Officer

Business Manager

Staff Supervision
Finance and Budgets
Academic Personnel Administration

  • Student Computer Assistant
  • 805-893-5703
  • Ellison 3834
  • Chair's Analyst/Assistant
  • Ellison 3829