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  • Business Officer

Business Manager

Staff Supervision
Finance and Budgets
Academic Personnel Administration

  • 893-8476
  • Ellison 3832
  • Academic Assistant

Main Political Science Office

General Questions
Disabled Students Program Coordination
Textbook Ordering
Key Management
Room Reservations
Department Newsletter
Academic Advising for Undergraduates (Lead Staff Advisor)

  • 805-893-3432
  • Ellison 3833
  • Graduate Program Advisor

Graduate Program Advising

Graduate Student Recruitment and Admissions
Graduate Student Advising
TA Administration: payroll, fee remissions
Student Awards
Graduate Student Stipends, Grants & Other Funding

  • 805-893-3626
  • Ellison 3835
  • Undergraduate Program Coordinator
  • Lecturer

Undergraduate Program Coordination

Supervisor, Academic Advising
Adjunct Mentoring Program
TA Training
Internship Program Coordination
Dispute Resolution

Adjunct Faculty - American Politics
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, 2005

  • 805-893-3433
  • Ellison 3837
  • Financial Assistant

Processes and advises faculty on University policies and procedures including travel, per diem, entertainment, payroll and Honoria.

Trains students on the use of Kronos and timecard management.


  • 893-8061
  • Ellison 3831
  • Student Computer Assistant
  • 805-893-5703
  • Ellison 3834
  • Chair's Analyst/Assistant
  • Ellison 3829