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American Politics, Politics of Public Policy, Political Economy

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1980


John Woolley is Professor of Political Science at UC Santa Barbara and Co-Director of the American Presidency Project website—the premier web repository of presidential public papers.

For years, Professor Woolley's research has had two substantive foci.  One is the American presidency, especially presidential communication and unilateral action.  The other is US monetary policy and financial regulation. 

The award-winning American Presidency Project was founded in 1999 in partnership with Gerhard Peters and is hosted by UCSB.  Extending well beyond Presidential "public papers," the APP collection includes, for example, political party platforms, candidate debate transcripts, candidate statements and press releases and OMB-issued "Statements of Administration Policy."  Woolley has drawn on this database for analyses in scholarly publications and reported through the APP itself.  The APP has millions of users world-wide ranging across scholars, school-children, speech-writers, film-makers, journalists, and political junkies.

Professor Woolley published the first major political science analysis of US monetary policy, Monetary Politics with Cambridge University Press.  He has subsequently written extensively on monetary and financial policy including articles on the Dodd-Frank reforms.  Recent articles also present analyses of the transcripts of the meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee.

In 2005, Professor Woolley was appointed Political Science Department Chair following five years in University central administration as Associate Dean, Faculty Advisor to the Provost, and Acting Dean for Social Sciences.  He stepped down as Chair in July 2012.


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