Caleb Miller

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Political Theory
Democratic Theory
Political Realism


Visiting Democracy Fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School

Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara 2018
M.A. University of Chicago 2010
B.A. Brown University 2009

Dissertation: "Living under Post-Democracy: Political Subjectivity in Fleetingly Democratic Times"

Dissertation Committee: Andrew Norris, P. E. Digeser, and Joshua Foa Dienstag (UCLA)


Selected Publications

“‘A State of Lesser Hope’: The Servant in Hobbes’s Natural Commonwealth” Hobbes Studies 31, no. 2 (Oct 2018): 147-165. doi: 10.1163/18750257-03102002 

*Winner of the 2017 Hobbes Studies Essay Competition

“‘What is to be done’ when there is nothing to do?: Realism and Political Inequality” Constellations 25, no. 4 (Dec 2018): 602-613. doi: 10.1111/1467-8675.12320

“‘When are we ever going to have to use this?’: Discussing Programmatic Learning Outcomes in the Classroom” with Margarita Safronova and Colin Kuehl. Forthcoming in Journal of Political Science Education (online Nov 2018). doi: 10.1080/15512169.2018.1493998 


POLS 1: Introduction to Political Philosophy

POLS 110DT: Democratic Theory

POLS 110CT: Conservative Political Thought

POLS 187: Ancient/Classical Political Theory

POLS 188: Modern Political Theory

POLS 189: Contemporary Political Theory