P. E. Digeser

Faculty Graduate Adviser

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Monday, 10:00am - 12:00pm

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Ellison 3717


Political Philosophy

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1988


Professor Digeser's work has included studies of the concept of power, identity, forgiveness, the place of ethics in international relations, and the relationship between theory and practice.

Digeser has authored Our Politics Our Selves (Princeton University Press, 1995) and Political Forgiveness(Cornell University Press, 2001). The latter book considers the meaning of forgiveness in politics and its relationship to other ideas in political philosophy. Digeser is currently working on the relationship between friendship and politics.


"Public Reason and International Friendship," Journal of International Political Theory 5 (2009): 22-40.


"Friendship Between States," British Journal of Political Science 39 (2008): 323-344.

"Forgiveness, the Unforgivable, and International Relations," International Relations 18 (2004): 480-497.

"Justice, Forgiveness, Mercy, and Forgetting: The Complex Meaning of Executive Pardoning," in Capital University Law Review 31 (2003): 161-178.

"Breaking into the Prison of Practice: Flathman and Oakeshott on Theorizing and Doing," in Individuality, Skepticim and Freedom: The Reluctant Liberalism of Richard Flathman, University of Minnesota (2002).

Political Forgiveness, Cornell University Press, 2001.


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