Professor Bruce Bimber: For PhD Students
University of California, Santa Barbara


I welcome prospective doctoral students interested in studying with me. My current PhD candidates are working on how social signals shape media effects; partisan signals in social media; how caampaigns for office in Latin America use social media tools; and the dynamics of viral news events online. Recently completed PhD students have written dissertations on: agenda-setting dynamics between social media and professional news; the Occupy movement and news media treatment of inequality; Internet skills and political participation; political consumerism; music as political communication; the effect of personality on susceptibility to news framing effects; political talk radio; and exposure to political difference in news media.


If you are planning to apply for graduate study with me, please feel free to contact me well in advance of the application deadline so that we can discuss mutual interests and fit. I occasionally host post-doctoral scholars but discourage unsolicited applications.


An Open Letter to New Doctoral Students on Success in Graduate School


Planning Worksheet for Requesting Letters of Recommendation

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